End-to-End Safety Surveillance and Signal Management

Module IX compliant, inspection-ready workflows and tracking

Track your Signal Management activities from detection through resolution.

Orbit’s unique approach to signal management puts your processes first. With Orbit, you can keep your team on track with each product’s unique surveillance needs, all while managing the outcomes of new safety information. Orbit for Signal Management is a comprehensive tool for end-to-end oversight and workflow management.

Despite advances in automated detection technology, safety teams continue to use outdated and manual tools for the rest of their workload.

This puts them at risk of missed deadlines, reduced quality and overlooked data.

Orbit takes a different approach to signal management:

  • Supporting all parts of the safety surveillance process
  • Centralizing oversight and access to past decisions
  • Collaborating with other PV functions

Orbit works in parallel with your detection system to add automation, workflow support and compliance to your end-to-end process. 

Defined Strategy

Recurring Reminders

Module IX Workflow

Cross-functional Support

Total Process Oversight

Orbit supports your safety surveillance process from the inside out.

A validated tool for your safety surveillance strategy

Orbit helps you define your signal detection strategy for each product. Make key signalling stakeholders, partners and data sources available at-a-glance.

Centralized storage for diverse data sources

One location stores all source information, helping your team execute your Safety Surveillance Strategy on-time and with a full, reportable audit trail.

Proven workflow for detected signals

Track the flow of all activities and data around detected signals, including analysis, prioritization and validation. Orbit helps you track further actions for Signal Management, like update your Safety Labels and Risk Management Plans.

Module IX ready with instant insight into signal detection and verification activities.