End-to-End Safety Surveillance and Signal Management

Module IX compliant, inspection-ready workflows and tracking.

Track your signal management activities from detection through resolution.

Orbit for Signal Management provides a validated system to visibly track the flow of signal management activities occurring within your PV enterprise. From routine detection cycles through identification, resolution and closure, you’ll get a top-down, real-time managerial overview of your organization’s signal management activities at every step. With structured workflows to help you capture your surveillance strategy, detection cycles and evaluation of detected signals, managing your process has never been simpler

Defined Strategy
Recurring Reminders
Verification Workflow
Track further actions
Automate Reporting
A signal management tool that does more than record the outcomes of your validation and evaluation process: Orbit supports your safety process from the inside out.

A validated tool for your safety surveillance strategy

Orbit helps you define your signal detection strategy for each product. Make key signalling stakeholders, partners and data sources available at-a-glance.

Centralized storage for diverse data sources

One location stores all source information, helping your team execute your Safety Surveillance Strategy on-time and with a full, reportable audit trail.

Proven workflow for detected signals

Track the flow of all activities and data around detected signals, including analysis, prioritization and validation. Orbit helps you track further actions for Signal Management, like update your Safety Labels and Risk Management Plans.

Module IX ready with instant insight into signal detection and verification activities.

This is what your safety scientists have been waiting for.

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