The Digital Transformation Toolkit for Global Patient Safety


In today’s environment, pharma and biotech need to  stay ahead of disruptions to remain competitive. Doing so has never been more challenging: teams are increasingly complex, functions are increasingly specialized, and regulatory requirements are constantly evolving. All of this adds up to siloed teams, lack of end-to-end oversight, and risk of non-compliance in crucial safety processes.

Ultimately, managing safety at scale requires a robust toolkit to quickly deploy new processes while connecting diverse functions and players for end-to-end safety oversight. For too long, Safety has been left to choose between one-off “point” solutions and do-it-yourself workflow platforms. Orbit takes a novel approach by providing the best of both worlds: the power and configurability of workflow tools and the tailored experience of off-the-shelf point solutions.

In this webinar, Orbit’s Executive Director of Client Engagement, Kevin Fetterman, will join Product Marketing Manager, Katherine Long, to discuss Orbit’s approach to managing complex patient safety functions at scale. 

Access the Recording

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Join Kevin Fetterman and Katherine Long to learn:

How Orbit's intuitive design helps connect global, cross-functional teams

How to find the best fit for a strategic tracking platform in your existing global infrastructure

How to gain global oversight and harmonize user experience across key safety functions like Aggregate Safety/Periodic Reporting, Signal Management, Risk Management and Minimization, PV Agreement Compliance and more.

Meet the Presenters

Katherine Long

Product Marketing Manager

Katherine manages Orbit’s marketing, helping new users understand the platform and solving business process challenges.

Kevin Fetterman

Executive Director of Client Engagement

Kevin brings decades of experience in risk management consulting to help Orbit clients leverage their systems.