Risk Management

Manage global RMP commitments, harmonize plans, and ensure high quality global implementation of risk minimization measures.

Why risk, why now?

All eyes are on Risk Management. Can you manage the scrutiny?

PV teams are relying on passive tools, like spreadsheets and email, to manage their critical processes and commitments. This is even true in risk management, where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Orbit bridges the gaps left by standard PV systems, connecting your global and local teams. With Orbit, you can share strategies and tools across all of your local markets while monitoring adaptations and deviations in local plans. Only Orbit supports local implementation of additional Risk Minimization Measures in the same seamless interface with your other safety commitments.    

“A straightforward and dependable way to manage what are often complicated logistics around compliance obligations.”
Safety IT Director, Top 10 Pharma
Risk Management Plans

Harmonize your global risk management plans.

Orbit stores structured RMP details, giving your team total oversight of global variations in safety specifications, commitments, and timelines. With reminders and notifications, staying ahead of your RMP commitments is simple — as is monitoring global progress and implementation metrics.

Demonstrate compliance across all markets with automated, meaningful reports on your global risk management system. 

Additional Risk Minimisation Measures

Local implementation.

Support local implementation of risk minimization measures like Educational Materials. Orbit gives global safety teams the tools they need to manage a core strategy, guide local safety teams to a successful implementation, and oversee global process metrics. 

Only Orbit offers a connected solution to manage RMPs and implement their most challenging and highly regulated commitments.

Manage core implementation plan

Share information and guidance

Oversee local implementation metrics


Insights from Orbit Summit’s Risk Management Panel

The distributed nature of aRMMs is a key challenge to implementation: it requires having a cohesive strategy and plan for implementing local RM activities. As was quickly pointed out, the effectiveness of RM programs is dependent on how well the programs are implemented at the local country level.

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Connected trackers

Document Exchange

Automatically send updated  RMPs to partners based on your Safety Data Exchange and PV Agreements.

Safety Commitments

Track Safety Commitments and Health Authority Requests across Regulatory and PV functions.

Areas for Close Monitoring

With integrated MedDRA browsing, manage lists of safety concerns with structured query strategies.

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