Global oversight of your risk management strategy

Adaptive, rule-based software to manage global implementation of RMP commitments and Additional Risk Minimisation Measures

RMP Tracker distributes commitments to your local markets so you don't have to.

PV teams are relying on passive tools, like spreadsheets and email, to manage their critical processes and commitments. This is even true in risk management, where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Break down data silos in Orbit—where your users can easily spot deviations, copy Core and EU commitments to their local plans, and even receive notifications when there are new commitments (including Educational Materials and other RMMs) or updated plans. Empower your PV & RM teams with proactive tools that are easy and intuitive to use—the answer is RMP Tracker.

Add structure to global plan implementation

Capture and version details of your risk management plans, track commitments, activities and milestones, all while monitoring your global process results. Reduce data entry time by distributing commitments, deadlines and documentation from Core and EU plans throughout all global markets.

Powerful oversight and harmonization​

Use dynamic reporting to respond to local and global regulators, and make it easier for managers to oversee the process internally. Spot local deviations from Core and monitor local compliance with aRMMs and other RMP Commitments.

Global Risk Minimisation Compliance​

Track Risk Minimisation Measures globally—whether or not there's a local Risk Management Plan. Distribute aRMMs, including educational materials, to local markets in a single click. Track local Health Authority negotiation and Additional Risk Minimisation Measure implementation with true global oversight.

“[Orbit RMP] is a straightforward and dependable way to manage what are often complicated logistics around compliance obligations.”
- global top ten pharma client
Document Authoring
Global Plan Oversight
Meet Commitments
  • Strategy and concepts for Risk Management Document
  • Document drafting and review
  • Internal Approval Process
  • Core, EU and Local Risk Management Documents
  • Global harmonization and consistency
  • Automated reporting
  • Distribute RMP Commitments
  • Automate notifications and data collection
  • Demonstrate compliance

Module V and Module XVI ready with instant insight into pharmacovigilance commitments and risk minimisation measures.

This is what your plan admins have been waiting for.

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