Safety Commitments

Managing health authority requests and assessment reports

Interactions with health authorities have the potential to generate new requests and commitments. PSUR/PBRER assessment reports in particular require follow-up activities that can span even years into the future. Safety commitments can be challenging to address since they require work across pharmacovigilance, risk management, and safety surveillance functions– all while residing with Regulatory Affairs.

Join Katherine Long and Kevin Fetterman from the Orbit Team on August 31 as they discuss Orbit’s innovative approach to managing safety commitments and health authority requests. 

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Join Katherine Long and Kevin Fetterman to learn:

Why managing safety commitments is a common challenge for PV departments

How Orbit can help organizations bridge communication gaps across PV functions to properly respond to health authorities

Cross-functional applications of Orbit's Safety Commitments tracker to increase quality, compliance, and productivity

Meet the Presenters

Katherine Long

Product Marketing Manager

Katherine manages Orbit’s marketing, helping new users understand the platform and solving business process challenges.

Kevin Fetterman

Senior Director of Business Development

Kevin brings decades of experience in risk management consulting to help Orbit clients leverage their systems.