Pharmacovigilance Agreements

Orbit's structured database turns your PV and Safety Data Exchange Agreements into live workflows.

Break down siloes

Total oversight of PVA compliance at your fingertips.

For companies with many partners and vendors, managing the workload around pharmacovigilance agreements is complex. With many data points, commitments, and deadlines spread across hundreds of global contracts, maintaining and demonstrating compliance is a constant challenge.

Orbit streamlines PVA oversight with a centralized database of contracts, responsibilities, and compliance status. 


Manage PVA versions and approvals


Implement negotiated activities


Oversee global status and compliance

PVA Commitments

Ready access to responsibilities and negotiated timelines.

No need to search through contracts to determine your delegated responsibilities: Orbit stores this in a structured database to give you instant access to your information. Quickly access responsibilities across markets, products, and partners.

PVA Lifecycle Management

Initiation through retirement.

Orbit helps guide your team from drafting, negotiation, and approval of PV Agreements through one simple interface. Manage agreements with proactive reminders, version comparison, and retirement workflows. 

Authoring and review workflows

Versioning and update management

Partnership retirement workflows

PV Agreement Resources

Together, we can tame your PV Agreements.

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