Integrated global solution for PV Agreements

Orbit's structured database turns your Pharmacoviglance Agreements into live workflows, managing oversight and compliance of your global partners and vendors.

Reduce burden on your PV teams and minimize data entry

Reduce the burden of communicating around PV Agreement authoring and review by providing stakeholders with up-to-date statuses when they need them, on-demand.

Integrate with existing Master Product Data lists, formalize terminology with field look-ups, and standardize the PV Agreement creation lifecycle.

Secure Storage
Proactive Reminders
Track Compliance
Ad-hoc workflows
Automate Reporting
“Our users have expressed a high level of comfort using the modules and the general feedback is that the system is easy to learn and use.”
- top ten pharma client

Oversight of global PV Agreements

See the big picture of your PVAs in a glance. With a single source of truth, allow compliance teams to review the organization’s global PVA lifecycle in a summary view and dashboard.

Active Compliance Monitoring

Monitor PVA health for all partners across your global organization. With recurring reminders and data collection, Orbit helps demonstrate PVA compliance.

Seamless Negotiation with Partners

Assign both internal and external PVA Managers and stakeholders from defined lists and set deadlines with notifications from standardized contact lists and domains.

Modernize the end-to-end PVA lifecycle with Orbit’s smart authoring, review, management, and tracking platform

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