Risk and Safety, Managed.

You listen to your patients, identify safety concerns, and keep up with global regulations. Our goal is to help keep those processes on track.

The Orbit suite was born from customer need and built with a large global Pharmaceuticals partner. By building our software with Best Practice in mind, Orbit delivers solutions that work with your processes—not against them. Pharma companies of all sizes can benefit from Orbit’s centralized and validated system.

Whether you’re managing Safety Surveillance and Monitoring, PV Risk Management, or Aggregate Reports, you’ll benefit from Orbit’s robust and scalable platform.

Dan Feith


Dan is a builder, with a passion for software that connects people, information, and processes. He founded Orbit to serve life sciences in 2013.

Matt Rost

Executive Director of Operations

Matt leads Orbit’s team of Engineers, architecting user-first software while keeping the solution in line with ever-changing regulations.

Michelle Peralta

Senior Director of Strategy

Michelle brings over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical Clinical Safety and PV field with senior roles in global PV and Risk.

Kevin Fetterman

Senior Director of Business Development

Kevin brings decades of experience in risk management consulting to help Orbit clients leverage their systems.

Katherine Long

Product Marketing Manager

Katherine manages Orbit’s marketing, helping new and potential clients understand the platform.

Charlie King

Chief Innovation Officer

With over 20 years experience providing innovative solutions, Charlie works to continue pushing the product forward.

Our parent company

Orbit is a Division of Feith Systems and Software, Inc. Founded in 1979, Feith Systems develops solutions for a broad array of companies and government agencies worldwide, with cutting-edge technologies that provide streamlined, comprehensive solutions. Feith’s software is the technology foundation for the Orbit suites, bringing workflow, document management, analytics, and secure web technology to all products.

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