Seamless tracking for Aggregate Safety Reports

Manage your global Aggregate Safety Report schedule, assign tasks and manage oversight of Aggregate Reporting

Bridge the gaps in siloed Aggregate Reporting Processes

Aggregate Safety Reporting is one of the core functions of Global Patient Safety. Despite the existence of reporting tools, the process remains disjointed and difficult to manage with siloed systems, complex handoffs and repetitive manual work.

Orbit’s validated Aggregate Safety Reporting tools takes the guesswork out of Aggregate Reporting, boosting your team’s efficiency with streamlined workflows and automated scheduling. Track the completion of all of your reports: PADER, PSUR/PBRER, DSUR, RMPs and other safety documents.

Report scheduler keeps your team ahead of deadlines

Set the frequency on your Periodic Reports and allow Orbit to schedule upcoming tasks, deadlines, contributions, submissions and other activities around your Data Lock Point.

Powerful oversight and harmonization​

Orbit's oversight tools provide insight into upcoming work, keeping your team ahead. Proactively monitor Reporting Activities across your global team with interactive data visualizations.

Track Assessment Report Activities

Orbit captures feedback and follow-up actions from regulators to ensure that you are staying ahead of commitments from Assessment Reports and other health authority requests.

“Our users have expressed a high level of comfort using the modules and the general feedback is that the system is easy to learn and use.”
- global top ten pharma client

Reporting Workflow

Minimize Data Entry

Manage Contractors

Global Aggregate Report Scheduling and management at your fingertips.

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