MedDRA Code Lists and Query Strategies
Centralized & Validated.

Orbit's new MedCodr integration centralizes MedDRA search strategies wherever your team needs them: no spreadsheets required.

Safety Evaluations require consistency across products, locations and reports

PV Sciences rely on MedDRA for storing and retrieving safety data in a structured and reliable way. Generating these MedDRA code lists and query strategies is difficult enough. When it comes to retrieving these lists to perform new queries, teams are relying on disjointed, non-validated tools if they have any tools at all. 

Leveraging Prudentia Group’s MedCodr— a leading platform for MedDRA coding, browsing and lookup– Orbit provides a simple and innovative method to manage MedDRA code lists and query strategies. 

Biopharmaceutical companies are searching for innovative ways to automate processes and introduce intelligent process management. Orbit's MedDRA query strategies tool aligns global knowledge on MedDRA code lists and search strategies, preparing the organization for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning down the line.

Powered by MedCodr, a leading MedDRA browser and lookup tool

MedCodr provides a web-based MedDRA browser with an updated dictionary available right from Orbit. Orbit stores terms selected from MedCodr in a structured format with applicable qualifiers for later retrieval.

Structured storage for consistent, efficient safety evaluations

Optimize your Safety Evaluation processes by storing MedDRA lists and strategies in a central, structured location. Download term lists automatically: no need to cross reference spreadsheets, aggregate safety reports, RMPs, or other safety documents for reliable information.

Oversight of MedDRA Query Strategies across portfolio

Get a live view of all MedDRA terms in use for your portfolio using Orbits dashboard interface. Leverage existing MedDRA query strategies to streamline work, and update terms in bulk through our simple management interface when new versions are released.

Are you ready to see the quick and easy tool that will transform how your team manages data reconciliation?