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Introducing DocXChange.

Orbit's new Document Exchange Tracker automates distribution of key safety documents

A no-effort solution to sharing safety documents with partners and affiliates

Modern PV teams are a complex network of local MAH’s, partners, vendors and affiliates. Many safety documents produced centrally need to be distributed to these players either for notification or local submissions.

PV teams are relying on passive tools, like spreadsheets and sending manual emails and reminders to maintain their compliance. With Orbit DocXchange, there’s a better way.

Notify affiliates of new documents

Distribute new and updated Safety Documents like PSURs, PADERs, RMPs, and more to your Affiliates. With automated notifications and reminders, Orbit cuts down on the manual back-and-forth.

Track local plan of action and HA Submissions

Affiliates use the DocXchange tracker to track their local plan of action and Health Authority Submission Status. Orbit compiles local workflow statuses into global reports to provide at-a-glance implementation status.

Integrate with Orbit Signals, RMP, PV Agreements and more

Plug DocXchange into your existing Orbit trackers to push new Aggregate Safety Reports to affiliates; notify affiliates of new safety information and updated product risk specifications; auto-populate PV Agreement Compliance Data and more!

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