The Evolution of Risk Management: Meeting the New Standards for Compliance

Preparing organisations for the efficient tracking of risk management commitments via process review

Risk Management continues to be an area of increased focus for ensuring patient safety. In the last year, biopharma has witnessed notable changes to this function of drug safety– both in a more complete understanding of best practices, as well as increased regulatory requirements. This all results in ongoing scrutiny on Risk Management and Risk minimisation. In the new risk management landscape, managing commitments proactively will become increasingly vital.

Axian Consulting and Orbit by Feith have partnered to help companies meet the challenges in Risk Management. Together, we prepare organisations to optimally manage commitment tracking. In our May 25th webinar, we will show how we help organisations map, and optimise their process, and involve the correct people to ensure tracking delivers expected improvements, collects the right data, and reports appropriate information within companies and to inspectors. 

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Join Orbit and Axian Consulting to learn about:

New trends, insights, and upcoming requirements that will affect your risk management system

Recommendations to ensure compliance in the new Risk Management landscape

How Orbit and Axian can help you establish a system for end-to-end RM compliance

Meet the Guest Presenter

Dr. Simon Ingate

Engagement Manager, Axian Consulting

  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • 17 years in drug risk management strategy and implementation
  • Leads consulting engagements in risk management, digital risk minimisation and risk management process