Global Additional Risk Minimization Measure Implementation: Enable Harmonization, Ensure Compliance
The process of implementing additional Risk Minimization Measures (aRMMS) in the pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly complex. In our upcoming webinar, we will delve into how Orbit tackles the complexities involved in tracking, managing, collecting, and reporting aRMMS on a global scale. We aim to demonstrate effective strategies for handling the sophisticated aspects of aRMM implementation and how Orbit's solution simplifies this complex process.
Never Miss a Safety-Related Deadline: Automate the Tasking and Tracking of All Your Safety Commitments
Teams often grapple with information overload, struggle to maintain effective oversight, and face collaboration hurdles. At Orbit we believe in optimizing your workflow through the power of automated alerts, task reminders, and oversight notifications. Join our webinar to discover how Orbit's innovative solution can transform these challenges into streamlined workflows, personalized notifications, and empowered team collaboration.
Integration and Automation: Leverage Key System Data and Supercharge Your PVRM Operations
Are you tired of spending hours manually updating regulatory information and due dates? Do you want to improve the efficiency and productivity of your safety teams? Do you want to ensure seamless data continuity and mitigate human data-entry errors? Join our upcoming webinar to uncover the transformative power of Orbit's seamless integration capabilities. You will see firsthand how Orbit can automate regulatory updates and due dates, ensuring continuous compliance; enhance safety teams' efficiency through automated data tasks and workflow optimization; enable real-time collaboration with centralized data storage; reduce data-entry errors with automated input from diverse sources and metric reporting. Orbit integrations can help you become the IT hero your PV operations need!
Streamlining Local Safety Action Oversight: Automating Global-to-Local Communications, Commitments Tracking and Full Lifecycle Management
In this webinar, you will see how Orbit serves as a centralized hub for monitoring and managing local safety requirements, with robust capabilities to automate manual processes and ensure the dissemination of vital safety updates, signal notifications, local requirements, etc., Create, assign, and monitor safety tasks tailored to specific locales, ensuring regulatory compliance. Discover the comprehensive capabilities of Orbit in facilitating oversight and lifecycle management of all safety actions, communications, and commitments tracking, fostering a harmonized safety management process within your organization.
PVA Mastery for Oversight: Streamlining Agreements, Tracking, and Reporting for Peak Performance
The past few years have seen a significant increase in attention towards global pharmaceutical partnerships, and for valid reasons. Collaborating with partners around the world brings numerous social and economic advantages. However, involving partners inherently increases operational challenges, particularly pertaining to on-going pharmacovigilance commitments. Even though these commitments are well defined in Pharmacovigilance Agreements (PVAs) many companies are challenged with the implementation and oversight of those commitments. While some companies have systems in place to manage contracts, like PVAs, many are still manually tracking the “living aspect” of PVAs to answer questions like ‘Who is responsible for what? Who’s first to act? When it’s due?’. This is where Orbit shines. Orbit keeps you on track of the in-between process steps, initiating reminders and follow-ups throughout the reconciliation process. Join our webinar to learn more.
The Raw Power Behind Data-Driven Dashboards
The efficient monitoring and analysis of data is crucial for pharmacovigilance teams to avoid missing critical information that could impact both patient safety and regulatory compliance. This is where data-driven dashboards and reporting come into play, providing the necessary insights and oversight to keep your teams on track and compliant. Questions like – Where are we in the rollout of the new materials in our local countries? What resources are needed to meet our commitments in the next few months? How are we doing with current timelines? Did we receive the data needed for the upcoming reports? Join us for this exciting webinar and discover how you can revolutionize your data-driven dashboards, gain valuable insights, and take your operations to the next level.
Risk Minimization 360: Ensure consistency, compliance, and effectiveness evaluation through automation
The landscape for managing the risks for patients of pharmaceutical and biologics continues to evolve for the better. We are beginning to see the movement towards embracing technology to improve the delivery, monitoring and evaluation of risk minimization efforts. On the forefront of the advances in technology are two platforms that enable Pharma and Biotech companies to have a “full circle” view of risk management activity across their entire portfolio, from creation to implementation to evaluation and continuous improvement. Join us for a webinar as we explore the 360-view provided by the harmonization of two cutting-edge platforms - Orbit and Axian One.
Holistic Visibility in Aggregate Safety Reporting: Centralize Scheduling for a Streamlined ASR Future
As the demands of aggregate reporting increase, those who are relying on manual processes run the risk of being reactive and potentially noncompliant. Orbit answers those questions of: who is responsible for the report? are our partners and affiliates responding to local reporting requirements? what are our company’s trends in reporting over time? Register now and see how Orbit's ASR Scheduler can give you that comprehensive view of all your activities, commitments, and cross-functional resources weeks, months, and even years into the future.
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