Automation in Safety Data Exchange and PV Agreements

Pharmaceutical partnerships can increase distribution, provide local market expertise and give your safety team some much-needed bandwidth. At the center of all of these partnerships is the PV Agreement, which define ownership of Pharmacovigilance activities between partners. 

Keeping track of your various obligations and partnerships can be a chore. In this 20-minute webinar, the Orbit Team will go through three ways to simplify your PV Agreement tracking—from “quick wins” through end-to-end solutions.  

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Join Michelle Peralta and Katherine Long to learn:

How Orbit's PVA-related offerings work together to provide teams with total PVA Compliance Oversight

How to seamlessly exchange Safety Documents with Partners

Achieving active PV Agreement Oversight with a global Partner Compliance status

Streamlining Safety Data Reconciliation with your global partners

Meet the Presenters

Katherine Long

Product Marketing Manager

Katherine manages Orbit’s marketing, helping new and potential clients understand the platform.

Michelle Peralta

Senior Director of Strategy

Michelle brings over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical Clinical Safety and PV field with senior roles in global PV and Risk.