Service Provider Solutions

Offer your clients best-in-class services with automated reporting and demonstrable compliance with your contracts.

Doing your part to ensure total patient safety.

Orbit helps you track PV and Risk Management commitments and activities, allowing you to demonstrate compliance with your PV Agreements while delivering results to your BioPharma clients.

All of Orbit’s Commercial-off-the-Shelf tools are available to service providers, with pricing scaled to complement your existing contracts.

Implement RMP Commitments

Generate Aggregate Safety Reports

Evaluate and track Safety Signals

Manage global PVA and SDEA

Initiate document exchange

Build new solutions with Orbit

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A strategic platform

Orbit offers the tools your team needs to deliver value across pharmacovigilance, safety, and risk management functional areas. 

Workflow Management

Guide your users through their work using streamlined and flexible workflow automation.

Dashboards and Reports

Simplified reporting on all system data in real-time dashboards and automated snapshot reports.

Visibility across processes

Orbit is an interconnected system, allowing you to connect related business processes or use them as modular solutions.

Automated Notifications

Configurable notifications keep your teams aware of their timelines, responsibilities without the manual reminders.

No custom development needed

In Orbit, Feith can quickly generate new trackers in a single- or multi-tenant environment

Advanced Configurations

We bring the software, you bring your SOP's: Orbit is fully configurable to your process and requirements.

Learn why leading organizations choose Orbit.

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