PVA Mastery for Oversight: Streamlining Agreements, Tracking, and Reporting for Peak Performance


The past few years have seen a significant increase in attention towards global pharmaceutical partnerships, and for valid reasons. Collaborating with partners around the world brings numerous social and economic advantages. However, involving partners inherently increases operational challenges, particularly pertaining to on-going pharmacovigilance commitments. Even though these commitments are well defined in Pharmacovigilance Agreements (“PVAs”) many companies are challenged with the implementation and oversight of those commitments. While some companies have systems in place to manage contracts, like PVAs, many are still manually tracking the “living aspect” of PVAs to answer questions like ‘Who is responsible for what? Who’s first to act? When it’s due?’. This is where Orbit shines. Orbit keeps you on track of the in-between process steps, initiating reminders and follow-ups throughout the reconciliation process.

Join presenters Matt Rost and Sarah Tombler-Gimpel to learn:

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Meet the Presenters

image of Matt Rost

Matt Rost

Executive Director of Orbit Operations

Sarah Tombler-Gimpel

Implementation Specialist