Global Coordination, Local Implementation in Orbit: The Industry-Leading Solution for Managing and Tracking Risk Management Activities


When it comes to global risk management, pharmaceutical companies are in constant global/local tug-of-war – trying to achieve harmonization and consistency across efforts while managing the inherent diversity of local market requirements. Achieving this balance necessitates a comprehensive approach that transcends geographical boundaries and regulatory variations. Orbit by Feith Systems offers an advanced platform that addresses the needs of pharmaceutical companies, regardless of their size, by harmonizing global coordination and local implementation.

The Global Challenge: Risk Management in a Borderless Industry

Ideally, global companies want to harmonize and align their risk management efforts around a core strategy. However, real-world application requires navigating various regional regulations, healthcare practices, and cultural considerations. The challenge lies in achieving a balance between implementing globally effective risk management measures while respecting local nuances. This global challenge calls for innovative solutions to ensure the safe use of pharmaceuticals on a global scale.

Orbit’s Unique Solution: Bridging Global Coordination and Local Implementation

Orbit takes on this challenge by merging global teamwork with local risk management. It acts as a central hub for managing safety-related commitments, activities, teams, dates, and documents, bringing everything together on one platform. This platform enables the real-time exchange of safety data and adverse event reports, ensuring swift communication and resolution of safety issues, regardless of their origin. In doing so, Orbit fosters transparency and provides a comprehensive understanding of safety matters to support well-informed decisions.

Localized Risk Management: Navigating Regulatory Landscapes

Effective risk management must account for regional disparities in regulatory requirements, cultural sensitivities, and healthcare practices. Orbit empowers pharmaceutical companies to tailor risk management measures to specific regions while maintaining a unified platform. This eliminates fragmented systems, redundant processes, and the risk of miscommunication. With Orbit, safety measures can align with local regulatory rules, ensuring compliance and relevance.

Harmonizing Safety: A Global and Local Approach with Orbit 

Orbit’s strength lies in blending global teamwork with local action in a single platform. This allows stakeholders to monitor global safety trends, collaborate on safety plans, and manage specific risks for different regions simultaneously. This ensures that overarching safety goals remain consistent while methods adapt to local needs.

Empowering Pharma: Orbit’s Efficiency

Pharmaceutical companies using Orbit witness a remarkable enhancement in their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to managing safety concerns. The platform streamlines communication, expedites decision-making, and diminishes the risk of regulatory complications, all within a single platform.


Orbit’s technology-driven solution showcases its prowess in revolutionizing risk management within the pharmaceutical industry. By seamlessly harmonizing global coordination with localized implementation, Orbit ensures consistent patient safety across diverse regions. This elevated efficiency in safety measures strengthens the partnerships between pharmaceutical companies while remaining committed to patient safety. In a world where patient safety is universal, Orbit paves the way to connect global goals with local needs for a safer pharmaceutical landscape.