Risk Minimization 360: Two cutting-edge technologies that re-shape the way you manage your risk


The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, particularly in managing risks for patients of pharmaceuticals and biologics. Technology has improved the delivery, monitoring, and evaluation of risk minimization efforts. The adoption of new technologies has allowed pharma and biotech companies to have a “full circle” view of risk management activity across their entire portfolio, from creation to implementation to evaluation and continuous improvement. In this article, we will explore two cutting-edge platforms – Orbit and Axian One – that enable pharma and biotech companies to achieve a 360-degree view of their risk management activities.


Orbit is a fit-for-purpose platform that provides an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for tracking risk management and minimization activities. This platform allows pharma and biotech companies to manage their risk management commitments with confidence. With Orbit, companies can create and manage their risk minimization plans, assign tasks, monitor progress, and track compliance. The platform also provides real-time alerts and notifications, enabling companies to respond to issues quickly.


Complimentary to Orbit is Axian One, a global platform that supports digital approaches to risk minimization. Axian One is designed to support pharma and biotech companies in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of their risk minimization plans. This platform provides tools for developing digital communication strategies, including social media and mobile messaging. Axian One also provides advanced analytics and reporting, allowing companies to monitor the effectiveness of their risk minimization activities continually.

By combining the power of these two platforms, Orbit and Axian One, pharma and biotech companies can unlock the full potential of a comprehensive risk management strategy. These platforms work together seamlessly, allowing companies to manage their risk management activities from creation to evaluation in one place. With the ability to monitor their activities in real-time, companies can quickly identify any issues and respond to them promptly.

Benefits or Orbit and Axian One

  1. The first key benefit of Orbit and Axian One is the ability to automate RMP and aRMM development, implementation, and evaluation. With the help of these platforms, pharmaceutical and biotech companies can create and manage their risk management plans more efficiently. The automation of these processes not only saves time and effort but also improves the accuracy and consistency of the plans. Additionally, the automation of these processes allows companies to quickly adapt to changing regulatory requirements, resulting in improved compliance and risk management.
  2. The second benefit of Orbit and Axian One is the harmonization of digital and traditional risk management activities. In today’s digital age, it’s important to use technology to enhance traditional risk management activities. The integration of Orbit and Axian One provides a comprehensive digital solution for risk management activities, from creation to implementation to evaluation. With the harmonization of digital and traditional risk management activities, organizations can ensure a more seamless and efficient approach to risk management.
  3. The third benefit is the ability to improve the tracking and oversight of team activities. With these platforms, companies can keep track of all risk management activities across their entire portfolio, ensuring that everything is being managed effectively and efficiently. This level of visibility allows companies to identify potential issues and take corrective actions as needed, ultimately improving the overall effectiveness of their risk management strategies.
  4. Finally, integrating Orbit and Axian One can help organizations improve the effectiveness evaluation of their risk management efforts. These platforms provide detailed reports and analytics on risk management activities, allowing companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies. With these insights, organizations can make informed decisions to improve their risk management activities and enhance patient safety.

Looking Ahead

Orbit and Axian One are two powerful platforms that can help pharmaceutical and biotech companies manage risks more effectively. By (1) automating RMP and aRMM development, (2) harmonizing digital and traditional risk management activities, (3) improving tracking and oversight, and (4) enhancing effectiveness evaluation, these platforms enable companies to implement a comprehensive risk management strategy with confidence.

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