Orbit 2023 – Kicking Off the New Year

A Decade In the Making

As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary as a Software Solutions Provider for Pharma and Biotech companies, we at Orbit are grateful and excited to reflect on our approach to helping some of the world’s most advanced companies manage their safety-related needs. The Orbit platform was built on Feith’s
Suite of Core Technology which consists of modular tools that assist business leaders in building and modernizing their critical processes involving both people and information. Developed in response to the need for proactively tracking safety commitments, Orbit aims to centralize pharmacovigilance management and tracking, providing a streamlined approach for cross-functional operations. The Orbit Platform continues to innovate in the industry with solutions for managing processes such as Risk Management, Aggregate Safety Reports, Partner Agreement Management, and Signal Management to name just a few. Our modular approach helps global pharmaceutical and biotech companies proactively comply with their global commitments by eliminating manual, time-consuming administrative efforts and workarounds, such as spreadsheets, email exchanges, or SharePoint Sites, allowing global safety teams to focus on the work at hand.

Accomplishments in 2022

This past year, as we returned to industry events and customer visits, we observed that the entire Pharmacovigilance Industry has adopted new practices, including the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze COVID-19 data and the digitization of many processes. It is clear that the pandemic has driven the adoption of these advancements, which include an increase in remote inspections, virtual meetings, work collaboration tools, and adverse event case collections. However, these innovations have also brought complexities in the dissemination, tracking, and management of information for stakeholders around the globe. Despite the advancements in technology, many organizations are still managing these complexities without a proper, purpose-built system. 

The coordination of global-to-local (and local back up to global) requires orchestrated hand-offs and coordination of many activities. The distribution of information is now more important than ever, and the coordination between global and local amplifies the back-and-forth of tasks, materials, and other related documents. Additionally, Local Health Authorities are increasingly interested in the commitments not only within their jurisdiction, but also in the commitments required by other Local Health Authorities in other countries/regions for the same product. This adds another layer of complexity that organizations must track and manage.

In 2022, we continued to expand our existing modules, including Risk Management, Aggregate Safety Report, and Business Partner Agreements, to handle more complex business processes. To do this, we added the capability for seamless integrations with other Safety Systems to enable “upstream” automation, such as automatic updates of regulatory deadlines, as well as more robust metrics capture and reporting “downstream.” This allows us to better meet the needs of our customers and streamline processes.


Looking Ahead 

We have made significant investments in the performance of our technology to allow for the management of larger volumes of data, increased speed, and improved functionality across the platform. This investment allows us to handle more data and complexity for the foreseeable future.

This year, we will be rolling out some of the innovative solutions we are developing to further assist companies in coordinating and harmonizing the tracking and management of global safety requirements. We are also continuously enhancing our existing suite of modules to support additional complexity and meet the evolving regulatory landscape. Our goal is to provide the best possible solutions for managing essential pharmacovigilance processes and to meet the challenging needs of our customers. 

Unwavering Dedication to Tracking

Our mission remains focused on providing a purpose-built solution to help you, our customers proactively manage their safety commitments globally. As we continue to advance our platform, adding new business process-specific solutions while building upon core capabilities, we remain dedicated to tracking and focused solely on our core business as the best tracking solution in the industry with GXP pre-validated tracking per process. We are committed to making your data work for you through integrations, visualizations, and automations in the ever-changing regulatory landscape. 

Check out our website at workinorbit.com to learn more about our latest capabilities and how to track it all in Orbit.