Intake, Filling Outlook’s Very Big Shoes

Email intake software for Adverse Events has big shoes to fill. It’s replacing Outlook, one of the most mature products of all time.

Those big shoes include capabilities like:
– A no-training-necessary user interface
– Simple Receiving, Archiving, and Sending of email
– Keeping track of message threads, senders, and other email metadata
– Capturing and displaying attachments in the browser
– Access on both Desktop and Mobile

Outlook works perfectly for those general use-cases. However, it simply doesn’t have the necessary features for some specific use-cases, like handling the complexities of the AE intake process.

Step in Orbit’s AE Intake solution. Compared to Outlook, Orbit’s AE Intake has:
– A built-in workflow, moving messages from Triage, Book-In, and Archive as they’re worked through the client’s AE intake process
– The ability to tag all received messages for AE triage 
-The ability to categorize triaged emails into Serious and Non-Serious AEs
– A full audit trail of all messages and workflow activities
– Process locking, so that many users can work in a shared inbox without getting in each other’s way
– Entity detection, finding important medical terms in the email and highlighting them for the user
– A smart workflow, directing users to the AEs that they should be working first
– Built in reporting and intake dashboards

Orbit takes what your users love about Outlook, and combines it with the specific features they need to make the Adverse Event Intake and Staging process steps smooth and auditable. It’s already gone live in Top 10 Pharma and is ready for prime time. Reach out for more information or to schedule a demonstration for your team.

-Michelle Peralta
Senior Director of Strategy