The landscape for managing the risks for patients of pharmaceutical and biologics continues to evolve for the better. We are beginning to see the movement towards embracing technology to improve the delivery, monitoring and evaluation of risk minimization efforts. On the forefront of the advances in technology are two platforms that enable Pharma and Biotech companies to have a “full circle” view of risk management activity across their entire portfolio, from creation to implementation to evaluation and continuous improvement. Join us for a webinar as we explore the 360-view provided by the harmonization of two cutting-edge platforms – Orbit and Axian One.

Orbit is a fit-for-purpose platform that offers an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for tracking risk management and minimization activities, allowing you to manage your risk management commitments with confidence. Complimentary to Orbit is Axian One, a global platform that supports digital approaches to risk minimization, from creation to implementation to evaluation. By combining the power of these two tools – Orbit and Axian One – you can unlock the full potential of a comprehensive risk management strategy and ensure that your organization is proactively prepared to ensure compliance and effectiveness.

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