Aggregate Safety Reporting

How to reduce global complexity with Orbit


Over the last few years, RIMS and Document Management systems have been presented as the answer to complicated global aggregate reporting processes. Yet, to this day, companies are struggling under the demands of aggregate reporting, often relying on manual processes, spreadsheets, and the help of PV Service providers to get oversight of the distributed Aggregate Reporting activities. Without a tailored mechanism to manage this complex, high volume process, the operational burden of aggregate reporting is high, and carries risks for PV inspections.

Flexible, workflow-driven technology can help companies reduce the burden around global aggregate reporting from scheduling and assigning work, managing global complexity, and feeding PV Agreement compliance. In this webinar, Kevin Fetterman and Katherine Long will discuss challenges in the existing aggregate reporting landscape and present practical, technology-driven solutions for managing this day-to-day process. 

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Join Katherine Long and Kevin Fetterman to learn:

How to manage global aggregate reporting process, schedule and responsibility centrally

How to use Orbit to monitor status of contracted reports

How to gain global oversight and harmonize your aggregate safety reporting process across the board

Meet the Presenters

Katherine Long

Product Marketing Manager

Katherine manages Orbit’s marketing, helping new users understand the platform and solving business process challenges.

Kevin Fetterman

Senior Director of Business Development

Kevin brings decades of experience in risk management consulting to help Orbit clients leverage their systems.