Actionable archiving

For pharmacovigilance emails and electronic communications

Shared inboxes are critical for managing complex and highly-regulated  communications in pharma and biotech. This content needs to be retained — often indefinitely– but with cloud storage limitations on email servers, that has proved challenging.  Staying compliant requires a long-term storage solution where companies can archive their emails, freeing up space on their servers and meeting regulatory demands.

Join Charlie King and Kevin Fetterman from the Orbit Team on August 12 as they discuss Orbit’s innovative approach to managing the increasing burden of email, chat, and social media data.

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Join Charlie King and Kevin Fetterman to learn:

Why pharmaceutical companies are struggling to meet the storage and retention demands of their pharmacovigilance inboxes

How Orbit can help companies, store, manage, and seamlessly access email from their PV group inboxes

Centralizing electronic communications in an actionable archive from email through chat and social media

Meet the Presenters

Charlie King

Chief Innovation Officer

With over 20 years experience providing innovative solutions, Charlie works to continue pushing the product forward.

Kevin Fetterman

Senior Director of Business Development

Kevin brings decades of experience in risk management consulting to help Orbit clients leverage their systems.