Orbit Axian Webinar - Connecting the Dots in Risk Management: From Benefit-Risk Trough RMM Implementation

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While Risk Management (RM) and its commitments grow more and more complex, the continued focus of patient safety is a priority that is easily handled with proper systems in place. Mark Perrott of Axian and Kevin Fetterman of Orbit together detail our collaborative solutions to alleviate those challenges within RM. Under our joint model, there are opportunities to modernize Risk Management especially as digital approaches are increasing, opportunities on earlier benefit-risk planning capture within a dRMP tracker are viable and laying out those implications around our joint approaches.

In depth we will touch on how Axian implementation services differ from Orbit’s implementation services, plus the benefits of our collaborative approach. Detailing the implications as digital approaches continue to be introduced, laying out the value derived from a more robust and accessible approach, and how we streamline this process for local while providing meaningful and actionable data to global. As Orbit captures, tracks, and aggregates metrics globally, Axian digitally collects metrics from the country/regional level. Both Mark and Kevin will highlight implementation options, along with the evolution we have seen in digitizing those approaches.

Axian Consulting and Orbit by Feith have partnered to help companies meet the challenges in Risk Management. Join us in this discussion on July 14th as we continue the conversation of modernizing your RM Tracking to ensure optimal implementation and optimal end-user adoption.

Join presenters Mark Perrott and Kevin Fetterman to learn:

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Meet the Presenters

Mark Perrott

Founder and Managing Partner, Axian Consulting

Kevin Fetterman

Executive Director, Client Engagement