Aggregate Safety Reporting – meeting the challenges of a global PV organization

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Over the last few years, RIMS and Document Management systems have been presented as the answer to complicated global aggregate reporting processes. Yet, to this day, companies are struggling under the demands of aggregate reporting, often relying on manual processes, spreadsheets, and the help of PV Service providers to get oversight of the distributed Aggregate Reporting activities. Without a tailored mechanism to manage this complex, high volume process, the operational burden of aggregate reporting is high, and carries risks for PV inspections.

Due to the disjointed and distributed nature of Aggregate Safety Reporting, Global Patient Safety teams are left to wonder, Which reports do we need to start and which reports are coming up due? Who is responsible for the report? Are our business partners and affiliates responding appropriately to local reporting requirements? What are our company’s trends in reporting over time?

Flexible, workflow-driven technology can help companies reduce the burden around global aggregate reporting from scheduling and assigning work, managing global complexity, and feeding PV Agreement compliance. In this webinar, Dan Feith and Michelle Peralta will discuss challenges in the existing aggregate reporting landscape and present practical, technology-driven solutions for managing this day-to-day process.


Sep 24 2020


10:00 am - 10:30 am

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