Holistic Visibility in Aggregate Safety Reporting: Centralize Scheduling for a Streamlined ASR Future


Having a comprehensive overview of your products, countries, reports, and timelines that is synchronized with cross-functional resources is crucial for maintaining compliance commitments when managing your aggregate safety reporting (ASR) process. Orbit’s Scheduler, in combination with our ASR module, offers an additional strategic advantage by enabling you to:

• Have oversight into all your commitments weeks, months, even years into the future
• Allocate for future resource requirements, addressing who needs to do what by when from your teams and partners; staying on top of tasks, activities, and any other global commitments
• Automate report kickoffs and use templated scheduling to reduce manual ad hoc work and administrative burdens

Join our webinar to see how Orbit’s ASR Scheduler can give you that comprehensive view weeks, months, and even years into the future.

Join presenters Heather Metzger and Christina Wagner to learn how to:

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Meet the Presenters

Heather Metzger

Heather Metzger

Implementation Specialist

Christina Wagner

Account Manager