Task Management, the key to tracking distributed work

Drug Safety organizations are responsible for a variety of initiatives ranging from Health Authority required commitments to activities that keep operations running smoothly.

A common way to manage initiatives is to track them in Excel spreadsheets. As processes mature and data accumulates, the columns stretch out towards the horizon recording key dates for milestones. But how do you know not only what’s next, but also who is next to take action?

We see this all of the time. A list of key initiatives, and then emails, calendar reminders for your global teams to follow up with business partners and affiliates to complete a task and to attach evidence to an email. Staying on top of this distributed work is very challenging and typically results in a scramble when your team needs to prepare for an inspection or partner oversight review.

With Orbit, initiatives can include groups of tasks called Activities that include one-time or recurring Milestones. Our workflow notifies the responsible party when a task is assigned, reminds near the deadline, and automatically escalates when due. Orbit has dedicated places to attach evidence or link to information in other document management systems. As a GxP validated tracking system, your team can always find the history of an initiative when under audit and inspection.

Spend less time chasing down assignees and updating various spreadsheets. It’s our mission to make sure your PV and Risk Management team spends more time reviewing safety information and improving patient outcomes.