Structured data collection: the next step in risk minimization tracking

If you have been manually collecting and compiling global Additional Risk Minimization implementation metrics, then it may be hard to imagine doing it any other way. A structured and automated method to collect data is a key driver for improving efficacy of Additional Risk Minimization Measures. From evaluating effectiveness to tracking global implementation status, and rooting out non-compliance with SOPs at your favorite affiliate, collecting data has become a necessity for Tracking Systems.

Orbit is taking the next step of data collection

With Orbit, your team has a system to facilitate timely data collection about your most important risk minimization programs. We have extended Orbit’s powerful communication to now collect detailed implementation metrics.

Collecting implementation data to automate reporting

Users can now enter implementation metrics for their ARMM material distribution, including tracking Planned, Actual, and Confirmed metrics. Orbit leverages those metrics to monitor success of the materials overtime, and help teams locate any areas where implementations have not been successful so that corrective actions can be taken. Pinpointing training deficiencies from a global overview makes addressing issues at the local level much simpler.

Collecting and reporting on local implementation of safety initiatives was often burdensome and manual. Now, local affiliates are empowered to enter their own data and the global team does not need to compile any reports—Orbit provides real-time dashboards that bring KPIs to process owners.

Collecting data to show compliance

Not all information that gets collected needs to be in a report. Orbit has a strong backbone for attaching and linking to documents and other key information. Providing a method to upload attachments like documents and emails gives local teams flexibility to share key material, communications, effectiveness information and more back to the global team.

With the right tracking solution, manually compiling implementation metrics for global safety initiatives is a thing of the past. The next step in tracking global commitments is collecting information like key data points and local files that can serve as evidence for the data. Orbit continues to lead as the go-to system for tracking local implementation of global initiatives. We look forward to learning how you plan to leverage Orbit within your organization.