Is your Safety Team ready for the 2020’s?

Risk and Safety in the new decade

In the last decade, the global regulatory landscape in Pharmacovigilance has shifted significantly. The demands of PV legislation, guidance documents, & Local Health Authority requests are ever-increasing.

With your expanding global footprint, now, more than ever, is the time to take new pragmatic approaches to your PV systems. Here are some places where you can start:

Do away with workarounds

You have your SOPs together, but are you executing them with manual and inefficient work? The spreadsheets,  the email exchanges, the disparate systems, databases, and SharePoint sites needed to patch together key information for your deliverables are daily time-consuming efforts, derailing the important work. Leverage innovative software solutions for a more seamless execution of your SOPs.

“Lead the user to success”

It’s more than a snappy quote from our CIO, Charlie King. It’s a new way of looking at your systems and tools to carry out your processes. We know that it’s a logistical challenge to extend safety commitments & responsibilities to partners and affiliates around the globe. You rely on them to deliver on their daily tasks, and in turn they rely on you for your expert guidance.

Leading your partners and affiliates to success means that there are reliable systems in place to ensure seamless, timely, and efficient execution of responsibilities & tasks. They should understand what is expected of them and when, with simple ways to communicate status back to you. This way, you deliver on your promise to help your team, and they can deliver clear and consistent implementation of your strategy.

Commit to knowledge sharing

Sharing key information throughout the organization (Partners & Local Affiliates too!) is one of the most challenging aspects of the global safety organization. Patching together the information from disparate systems, databases, SharePoint and emails is not ideal. Integrating information sources is a radical but necessary shift to the way you do business. What could your team do if you had readily accessible and up-to-date information?

Will 2020 be the year you scale your safety processes for the long-term?