Tracking to the Nth degree – aRMM Distribution Metrics

Over the years, a common question heard in consultations:
How do we track our distribution metrics for our aRMM’s?

Many organizations continue to rely on metric tracking spreadsheets, with a row for each metric and a column for each time period (month, quarter, year, decade, century, and so on).

Now we all know at Orbit, our mission is to help rid pharma of these tracking sheets. So now that we have moved your RMP, REMS, and aRMM tracking sheets, we can also say ¡Adios! to the Implementation Metrics worksheets that are at each location with a distribution commitment.

With our upcoming Orbit 1.4 release, users can define Milestone metrics to capture Expected, Actual, and Confirmed distribution metrics. By leveraging Orbit to capture this information, users are notified each time-period to enter information (no more year end emails to 144 countries requesting a mass update!), AND Orbit automatically generates calculations for summary dashboards and snapshot reports.

Education material distribution has been the White Whale of aRMM tracking. We tracked it down, and put it in Orbit.

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